1 A: Patentability Search Services

At each step of innovation, a lot of ideas may seem to be unique and patentable. Huge investments go into development of new ideas and products. Therefore, a proper assessment of the technology is required to design further research or expansion of existing product lines and prior art searches helps a lot in it. When a company spends large amount of time and money in research and development activities, it becomes essential to analyze the novelty and scope of inventions, prior to filing a patent. A quick novelty or patentability search in the technical domain can help make effective business decisions and save several dollars involved in patent filing and maintenance. The purpose is to determine whether there are any previous patents or non-patents (prior art) that might prevent the inventor from patenting his or her idea.


1 B: Patent Drafting Services

Ideas and innovations are at the heart of a company’s future growth and success. They are vital assets that must be identified, nurtured and protect r their ultimate value to be realized. At Techius, we offer affordable patent application preparation services to law firms, attorneys, companies and inventors (through their collaborating attorneys). While drafting a patent application we perform several in-house Quality Checks to make sure that all the features of the invention are covered in the best possible way. We ensure that all the possible variations of the idea/invention are anticipated and covered in the description.


1 C: Patent Prosecution Services

We have a team of skilled patent professionals to prepare responses to Office Actions/Communications received from Patent Offices. The team comprises of Engineers having technical expertise in a vast set of technology areas and specifically trained on legal aspects of Patent Prosecution.

Our teams work under the supervision of attorneys and agents trained in respective jurisdictions.