We provide diverse services in the field of Design Registration including:



  • Design Searches
  • Proprietor/ Owner/ Applicant searches
  • Design Applications
  • Convention Design Filing in other countries
  • Design prosecution
  • Design registration
  • Design watch
  • Response to Office Action
  • Design hearings
  • Renewal services
  • Portfolio Management
  • Assignment Recordals
  • Licensing and Recordals
  • Due Diligence
  • Design Cancellations





Design Registration Filing Requirements in India

  1. Name, address and nationality of the Applicant;
  2. Name of the article in respect of which the design is to be applied;
  3. International Class as per Locarno Classification;
  4. Statement of Novelty stating the features in which novelty is claimed;
  5. Different views of the article (such as front, back, side, top, bottom, perspective etc.);
  6. Priority application number, country and date, if any;
  7. Power of Attorney (may be filed within 2 months at no extra costs);
  8. Certified copy of priority documents, if any (with English translation), (may be filed within 3 months; no extra costs).