Development Services

The Application Development industry has seen dramatic changes both from customers looking for software solutions and from the resource pool of development talent.

Techius Technologies, follows mature processes of development and deployment, with proven tools, efficient methodologies, and comprehensive verification& validation.


IPR Services

Intellectual property protection is not simply a mandate anymore. It has become an important factor driving business strategy, growth and in some cases the downfall of certain businesses. Strategically developing an Intellectual property portfolio has many advantages and becomes a strong asset. Each type of Intellectual property has its own challenges and advantages, which we understand and master. We at Techius Technologies, aid businesses develop an all rounded Intellectual property strategy and assist in its procurement, maintenance, development and enforcement.

Mulberry Preschool Franchise

Starting preschool can be a very exciting time for your child. It can also cause some anxiety and result in mixed emotions (for you and your child!). If your child does become distressed when you leave, please rest assured that this usually only lasts for a few minutes after you have gone. In severe and/or ongoing cases, we will work with you and your child to help build their confidence in staying by themselves.

One strategy we use in our transitioning process is to start children at reduced times. For example, they may stay until lunch to start with and gradually build up the length of time they stay. Please consider that you might like to start your child at reduced times, even though they may settle quickly, as a Full day can often be quite long. Although we have a rest time incorporated with our lunch program, children do not have naps. Hence, they can become tired and may be irritable when they get home.

Digital Marketing

At Techius Technologies, we believe that Digital Marketing is more than connecting our clients with their customers; it is about empowering your brand providing measurable and tangible results that help you stand out in the today’s marketplace. To achieve this goal, we offer an array of  Digital Marketing Services as you required and just-in-time when you need it.

Websites and mobile apps are the digital storefronts of your business, which would rather be at the fingertips of customers when they need it. Therefore, a minor increase in Google ranking through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will bring additional traffic and assures your business to reach a maximum target audience.

IT Staffing Services

IT Staff Augmentation disrupts the conventional IT staffing model, where you keep acquiring IT Staff as your business grows.  Staff augmentation allows businesses to ramp up IT staff on the fly and in real time without investing in a new HR team and training of new personnel. More importantly, it allows businesses to ramp down IT staff when they are no longer needed.

Staff augmentation can help you achieve a number of business goals including faster speed-to-market, industry and technical experience that accelerates the quality and speed of development. Businesses do not have to invest in the cost and time required for internal training and skill development.

IT Infrastructure Services

The world over, companies fast realize that their interests are better served when they focus on revenue generation services while outsourcing infrastructure and its maintenance.

Your business needs stable and performant infrastructure that keeps pace with your growth and changing needs.

Techius Technologies provides global IT Infrastructure management services implementing organizational IT strategies and managing mission critical IT Infrastructure for global clients. Vmoksha leverages its in-depth industry and technical knowledge to help clients extract maximum value from their IT investments.